Friday, December 24, 2010

Gift list for my forgetful mind.

  • Kinect (Mom and Dad)
  • Awkward Family Photos Book (Jen)
  • Lips (Mom and Dad)
  • Lips Party Classics (Jen and Stephon)
  • Your Shape Fitness Evolved (Jen and Stephon)
  • Darth Vader Flash Drive (Stephon)
  • Food Chopper (Mom and Dad)
  • Black Socks (Mom and Dad)
  • Pizza Wheel (Mom and Dad)
  • Ornament (Mom and Dad, for all)
  • Undershirts (Mom and Dad)

  • Pie Server (Mom and Dad)
  • Cricut Cartridge (Chris)
  • Pizza Wheel (Chris)
  • Craft carrying case (Jen and Stephon)
  • Cupcake carrier (Mom and Dad)
  • Waffle Maker

  • Santa Hoodie Towel (Jen and Stephon)
  • Little Green Elmer Fudd Hat (Jen and Stephon)
  • Bear Hat (Mom and Dad)
  • Play tape measure (Chris and Jen)
  • Hand made sock monkey (Jen)
  • Little People Santa and Reindeer set (Mom and Dad)
  • Money Jar (Mom and Dad)
  • Recycle remote control car (Chris and Jen)
  • Me Hungry book (Chris and Jen)
  • 2nd Christmas ornament (Mom and Dad)

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