Tuesday, April 5, 2011

New cell phone plans

Jen and I are switching over to prepaid cell phone plans. We both transfered our "known" phone numbers to Google Voice, so that it is easy to switch plans and not have to worry about transferring the number.

I am still on Lockheed's cell phone plan, but we just bought Jen a sim card and 1000 minutes on T-mobile prepaid. The first challenge was getting Jen's cell phone an old Cingular phone unlocked so she could use it (all the prepaid phones are pretty ugly).

In the end I had to call AT&T to get the unlock code, but they didn't have a problem giving it to me, even though I had already canceled my plan with them, so that was nice. Here is the process:

  1. Get the IMEI number: Dial: * # 0 6 # and it will show up. I had to put in the old SIM card so that I could find this information. So get it while you can.
  2. Call the phone company (AT&T: 1-800-331-0500) and get the unlock code ours was: 4992009364755526, though I doubt it will do much good for anyone else.
  3. Enter the unlock code, for our w300i we had to press left, left, star, star while it was booting up. You can probably find instructions for most phones online.
The only problem is how to get the callee to see our GV number instead of our disposable phone number. You can do it multiple ways.
  • If someone texts you, the text will appear to come from some random number, you can call this and it will appear as if GV called them.
  • You can program in the number to call as , <2>, . the comma's are pauses, you also have to set GV to not ask for a password when the call comes from you mobile phone.
  • You can make the call from GV itself, and it will call your phone then your callee's.
Not a prefect system, but probably the best they can do w/o becoming a provider.

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