Thursday, January 8, 2009

hddhackr 120gb drive for xbox

Purchased a 120 GB drive for the XBOX and used hddhackr to modify it. Very nice software. Had some issues though.

First I had to boot to DOS from a usb stick, used this tutorial to do that: Link. I ended up downloading the ODIN 2880 version... Not sure what the differences are between the versions.

Ran into the problem where it was displaying: Error in the DJ mechanism!
Found this solution:

Then I ran into the problem where hddhackr wouldn't find my drive. Solution is in the readme of the hddhackr. Had to change the I/O ports that it was using to find the drive. Got to use a hex editor wow.

After that it worked. I haven't attached it to the Xbox yet, can't find my srewdriver set at the moment...

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