Thursday, January 8, 2009

Install WinXP x64 from USB

I recently purchased a new motherboard and CPU for an old computer, and was looking forward to trying it out. However, I recently gave my parents my only DVD drive (I might have others, but they are packed away at the moment). So I looked for alternatives. Seems like there is pretty good support for installing OS's from flash drives now.

Looks like I closed the website I found this program on, but it is called WinSetupFromUSB. This is a great program that has everything you need integrated into it. I am not sure what the other options do.

I just mounted a winXP x64 iso, put that in the source, and selected my USB drive and hit GO. It warned me that the iso didn't look right, but it worked.

Then I had problems with my BIOS booting the USB, it wouldn't do it from the boot menu, I had to change the boot order so that USB was first. But then everything went normally... Pretty cool.

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